Fresh, ready-made meals


We have a simple recipe for life

Eat great food - delicious, nutritious meals, delivered fresh, ready to heat-and-eat

Help change the world - for every meal you BUY, we GIVE one to a Kiwi in need

Have a bit of fun! - say hi to Phyllis. She's our favourite housewife and a Cook's Night Off superfan. She's also a little . . umm, salty!

How it works

All you have to do is heat, eat and enjoy!

No stress, no rushing to cook dinner after a

busy day. Just delicious, nutritious meals the whole tribe will love

You choose your meals

Get up to 4 meals every week, with meals sizes available to to suit 1-5 people. You can customise your meals with our flexible ordering options

We cook and deliver

We select fresh, seasonal ingredients, choosing sustainably produced food whenever we can. No nasties, just real food, real ingredients

You enjoy dinner - ready in 2 mins

You give a meal to a Kiwi in need

And best of all, our meals are BUY ONE GIVE ONE, so you've helped hungry children and their parents eat dinner too

Prices per meal - Single $15.50, Couples $29, plus $7 per delivery

On the menu

There's a new menu every week, with our chefs creating delicious, nutritious meals, that are made fresh and delivered out to you each Monday.

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, dairy free or gluten free, we've got meals for you.

Real food, real ingredients - if your globetrotting great-granny didn't have it in her pantry, we won't have it in ours!

Buy in bulk and save

Perfect for new parents, recovering patients or a loved one who deserves a night off cooking

Set-and-forget ordering, and you control the menu

This week's feature meals - available for delivery on Monday 4th May only

May menu - available for delivery from 4th May to 25th May

We're in lockdown right now, but here's our last week's menu

Bacon & kumara fritters & basil mayo dip, with carrot  beetroot slaw

Beef stroganoff on fettuccine with steamed vegetables

Cajun spiced chicken with quinoa & veggie salad

Baked fish & creamy tarragon sauce, with mashed potatoes &

steamed vegetables

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We're changing the world,

one delicious dinner at a time.

And having a whole lot of fun while we're doing it!

Come and join us.

The food is always good and

the jokes are sometimes funny!

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If I sign up today will I get my first delivery this week?

The cut-off for signing up or making changes to an existing subscription is 5pm Thursday each week. For example, if you sign up on Tuesday this week, then your first delivery will be Monday next week. If you sign up on Friday this week, then your first delivery will be Monday of the following week.

How do I know which meals I am going to get?

Every Monday you will receive an email with the full menu available for the next week. You can log into your account to choose the meals that you wish to receive, however, if you make no selection, then we will select the meals for you.

The meals we select will depend on the number of meals your subscription is for. For example, if you have subscribed for 2 meals, then you will receive the first 2 meals in the list, if you have subscribed for 4 meals, then you will receive the first 4 meals in the list, etc.

What if I don't like the selected meals?

If you don't like the selected meals, then you can simply log in to your account and swap them for anything else on the menu.

There are 4 new feature meals every week, plus vegetarian/vegan versions of the same dish, and also 12 additional monthly meals that are available for the full calendar month.

How long do I have to sign up for?

There are no minimum time periods or fixed contracts. You can cancel, change or pause your subscription at any time. Just contact us by 5pm on Thursday to make any changes you require.

I'm going away for a week, what do I do?

You can pause your subscription at any time. Simply call us and let us know the dates you will be away and we will put them on hold and automatically re-start them on your return. You will need to call before 5pm on a Thursday and then we will implement the change for the following week's deliveries.


We have houseguests coming to stay, can we get extra meals?

You can adjust your meal plan at any time by calling us and giving us the details of the changes you wish to make. You will need to call before 5pm on a Thursday and then we will implement the change for the following week's deliveries.

You can also order additional meals at any time through our website.



Phone: 021 031 9661




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