When you buy a meal from Cook's Night Off, you also give a meal to a person or family in need.


The gift meals are sent out using community food banks as a distribution point. This allows the meals to go to those who are in most urgent need of it.


We work with both large organisations such as Foodlink (a network of over 30 community food banks that stretches from Kaitaia to Thames) and the Auckland City Mission (Emergency Food Programme), as well as smaller grassroots community-based organisations.


Demand for food packages has risen sharply in recent years, driven in no small part by stagnant wages and crippling Auckland rents. Staff are seeing an increasing number of people in full-time work coming into foodbanks for assistance, as they struggle to make ends meet on minimum wage incomes.


Despite these challenges, we are constantly amazed at how resilient people are. Even in the face of extreme poverty, Auckland City Mission statistics show that the vast majority of people only use food banks as a last resort, in times of crisis.


Kiwis are recognised worldwide for their giving in times of need. We're helping to continue that tradition and we're proud to be making a difference in our little corner of the world.