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Wednesday is lamb & roasted vegetable salad with Israeli couscous

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Tuesday is chicken with leek & mustard sauce with pumpkin and parsnip mash and steamed greens

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Monday is baked ham with sweet pineapple sauce, potato salad and tossed salad

Wednesday is chicken with piri piri sauce, polenta chips and salad with minted yoghurt dressing

Tuesday is Neapolitan beef ragu on fettuccine with Italian salad

Thursday is lamb empanadas with spicy rice and Latin-style salad


Thursday is pork meatballs with honey garlic sauce and vegetable noodles

Monday is tarragon & lemon fishcakes with rocket and walnut salad

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(and a sneak peek at next week's meals too)

With all our meal plans, you can customise any of the standard meals. Don't like couscous? Easy to fix, just swap it out for something else you prefer. Or you can choose a whole new meal from our Family Favourites selection.

In case you want to see some more meals, here's what you missed out on last week:



Monday was spanakopita with lemon pepper wedges and Greek salad

Wednesday was Chinese chicken salad with egg noodles

Tuesday was lamb with Moroccan sauce and spicy vegetable rice

Thursday was BBQ beef & bacon meatloaf with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables

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