What meal sizes are available?

Meal sizes are available to suit 1 to 4 adults, or a combination of adults and children.

Meal sizes are Single, Couple, Trio and Family.

What areas do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the greater Auckland area only. You can see our delivery areas here.

We're adding other delivery areas soon, so click here and we'll let you know when we're coming to your area.

Will my meals be cold when they arrive?

Yes, your meals are chilled before they leave our kitchen to keep them fresh, and they will be delivered chilled so they will still be cold when they arrive. We recommend that you put them straight into your fridge on arrival.

Can I freeze the food if we don't eat it all?

Yes, you can freeze most of the meals. Of course some food, such as salads, will not freeze well and should be eaten fresh. Just use the same common sense guidelines that you would if you had cooked the meal yourself at home.

What if there are some foods I can't eat (e.g. for religious or other reasons)?

When you sign up you can choose to have no fish or no beef or no pork or no lamb in your meals. Just select your preferred option and then if we are cooking a meal with that ingredient, we will cook a substitute meal for you.

Do you cater for allergies?

Due to the number of meals we cook, we are unable to cater to specific allergies.

How are the gifted meals sent out?

We currently use community foodbanks as our distribution points to allow the food to go to those who need it most. Our distribution partners are Foodlink (a network of comunity foodbanks that stretches from Kaitaia to Thames) and Auckland City Mission through their emergency food programme.

If I buy a Family sized meal, does that mean the gifted meal is a Family size too?

Yes, the gifted meals are based on the number of adult serving in the purchased meals. So a Singles meal = one gifted meal, Couples meals = two gifted meals, Trio meals = three gifted meals, Family meals = four gifted meals.

The total number of gifted meals is combined and then distributed out according to need (e.g. four Single sized gifted meals may be used to feed one family of four people).

When do you deliver?

We deliver on Mondays and Wednesdays each week. The delivery time can be anywhere from 9am to 5pm, depending on your location.

Can you deliver at a specific time?

No, due to the number of deliveries required, the drivers have a standard route that they must adhere to.

What if I'm not home when you deliver?

When you sign up you can add special instructions so that the delivery driver will know what to do if you are not home. For example, you can supply gate codes, or request that your delivery is left in a specific place such as a carport or porch.

If you leave a cooler bag or chilly bin out then the driver will put the meals inside to keep them cold.

Is the packaging recyclable?

We try to keep our packaging to a minimum, so your meals will be delivered in a compostable Biobag and all the food containers are recyclable.

If I sign up today will I get my first delivery this week?

The cut-off for signing up or making changes to your existing service is 5pm Wednesday each week. For example, if you sign up on Tuesday this week, then your first delivery will be Monday and/or Wednesday next week. If you sign up on Thursday this week, then your first delivery will be Monday and/or Wednesday of the following week.

How often does your menu repeat?

There is a new menu every single week - no repeats! You can order any of the daily meals or you can choose from our Family Favourites menu.

I'm going away for a week, what should I do?

You can pause your meals at any time. Simply call us and let us know the dates you will be away and we will put them on hold and automatically re-start them on your return. You will need to call before 5pm on a Wednesday and then we will implement the change for the following week's deliveries.

We have houseguests coming to stay, can we get extra meals?

You can adjust your meal plan at any time by calling us and giving us the details of the change you wish to make. You will need to call before 5pm on a Wednesday and then we will implement the change for the following week's deliveries.

If you have any other questions, please email or call us and we'll be happy to help.


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